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A Glimpse of Nature -- Turtle Crossing

June is “Turtles-Crossing-the-Road” month.  Let’s celebrate by driving cautiously on roads near wetlands while being alert to female turtles heading to their upland nesting sites.  Notice which roads seem suitable before you encounter an “object” on the road.  Slow down.  If you see a turtle in the line of traffic, assist the animal to cross (in her chosen direction) only if it is safe and necessary.  Invite some friends to join you in vigilance.

A Glimpse of Nature -- Frogs

Did you guess correctly?  Frogs were the focus of last week’s “What Is It!” game.

These gelatinous eggs contain wood frog embryos.  While wood frogs may not be as well known as bullfrogs or green frogs, they are a delight to observe in the late-winter/early-spring woods.  Listen for their duck-like quacks during March, when the frogs congregate at woodland pools to lay and fertilize eggs.  They are especially noticeable on mild, rainy nights.


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