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Family Fun: Family Game Night

Bored yet? Try board games! Playing board games is a great way to spend time with kids… and work on literacy, math, and social skills in the process! Reading cards or spaces, counting die pips or spaces moved, and taking turns are all useful skills. Take a break from the screens and spend some quiet time together (or not-so-quiet, depending on the game!).

Even if all you’ve got is a standard deck of cards, there are still a lot of options. Check here to find rules to 10 classic card games.

Puzzles count too! Puzzles require shape identification (a pre-reading skill for little kids), concentration and focus, and usually a good amount of cooperation.

Parents, give yourself a breather too. Set some time aside this weekend for you and your family to enjoy an activity together. But shhh… don’t tell the kids they might learn something from it!

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