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Family Fun: Baking with Kids

Kitchen exploration is a fun way to spend time with your kids!

They might try new foods.
They will learn lifelong skills.
They can practice reading by reading recipes.
They can work on math (fractions, anyone?!). Try doubling or halving a recipe! 

It’s not always a laugh… sometimes that half cup of flour ends up on the floor. Sometimes they wander off in the middle of stirring a bubbling pot. Sometimes they won’t touch whatever it is you’ve created together. However it turns out, though, you’ll have spent some time together, and have something yummy at the end of it.

If you’re interested in baking with your kids, you can join our program on Tuesday, July 14, to bake along with Ms. Meredith of Rosemary Fresh! She’ll lead you in making a batch of bursting-with-summer berry muffins! Read more and learn how to register in our event description.

You can also keep exploring by checking out our collection of cookbooks for kids. There’s something for every level, whether your kids are assembling a sandwich from ready-to-go materials or cooking up a batch of meatballs.

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