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Queset House Roof Restoration - 2020

Queset House's roof has been restored! Check out the restoration's progress, courtesy of Paul E. Dutelle Co., Inc.!

  • Chimneys are all copper clad. Copper flashing on eaves, valleys, down spouts and the pyramidical lightning protection that catches the setting sun and looks lovely!
  • The roof is all of non-fading "Royal Purple" slate from Vermont.
  • Brackets, tracery, fascia, soffits are wood and painted in the original brown.
  • Tower finial (found in the basement!) is ferrous metal and originally matched ridge crestings that we will have to restore some day. You can get an idea of those original crestings that still survive on the Unity Church next door.

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Submitted by Tanya on

Thank you for sharing this video, it's such an inspiring one.

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