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National Poetry Month

A Tisket, A Tasket, Poetry in a Basket

April is National Poetry Month! Celebrate this all-ages event by picking up a goodie bag at the Circulation Desk beginning on Monday, April 5th. Inside, you'll find a plastic egg (with a hidden surprise!), a piece of chalk, and a basic instruction sheet. You'll be directed to:

  • Crack the egg open to reveal your poetic fortune.
  • Hold it close to your heart or keep it in your pocket.
  • Visit the walkway in the front of our building (facing the street).
  • Use the chalk to write down your fortune or any bit of poetry that you love. Feeling inspired? Make up your own!
  • Add some doodles.
  • Come back often to see what others have shared.
  • Check-out a book of poetry from our collection, if you wish.
  • Download the Poeta app from your phone's App Store. You can find daily poems, audio recordings, & more! We suggest that you begin each morning with a poem (before reading social media or the news). Poetry can add beauty to your days & help you "hatch" a new perspective.

Remember"A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language" (W.H. Auden). If you're visiting the Library, you're at least halfway there! 

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