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A Glimpse of Nature - Autumn Bounty

See what’s happening on the grounds of the Ames Free Library or nearby areas with “A Glimpse of Nature.”  Offered by Lorraine Rubinacci, the library's resident naturalist, this weekly photo blog is a gentle reminder to enjoy the wonders that surround us.


A Glimpse of Nature - "Autumn Bounty"

I am pleased to announce the winner of the “Fabulous Fungi Challenge.”  The staff of the Ames Free Library voted for this colorful and beautifully framed image by Alyssa Tuchon.  Her photo broadens the public’s view of how fungi look and where they live.  Gleaming in the sun, these fuzzy specimens are downright exuberant! I believe they are orange mock oyster mushrooms, but corrections from experienced mycologists are welcomed.


As a prize, Alyssa will receive Merlin Sheldrake’s new book, Entangled Life:  How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures

Thanks to all contestants.  Your participation transforms this blog into a shared activity.  For my readers’ enjoyment, here is a selection of photo submissions that nicely captures the diversity and vitality of the fungal world.  ‘Til next week . . .

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