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A Glimpse of Nature - Staycation

What perfect timing!  Snow and lichens are coordinated for maximum beauty and relevance to this blog.


Lichens on Beech, Morton Pond, Plymouth, January 16, 2023

Let this exquisite pattern prompt you to get outdoors and savor nature’s artistry.  While you’re at it, take a few ice-and-snow photos to submit to “Picturing Winter.”  Some delightful images are rolling into my mailbox.  If you add yours to the collection, we’ll have quite a show!

Don’t forget to admire the lichens along your way. We’ll get back to them when I return from staycation next week.

Happy winter!


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Submitted by Louis John on

beautiful photograph...Thanks

Submitted by David Ernest Fa... on

Nature's beauty is evident every where. Great photograph Lorraine.

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