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A Glimpse of Nature -- This Week in SE Mass

Our first week of spring brought mild temperatures, bird and frog songs, and some early blossoms.  At this time of year, watch for tree and shrub flowers like those of the pussy willow.  This might require adjusting your perspective because some of these flowers are quite small or located on upper branches.  They may not resemble our mental image of “flowers.”  But, you can be sure that nectaring insects are paying attention!  To learn more about this phenomenon, catch “Early Bloomers,” a Stepping Out video that I created in April 2020.


Pussy Willow, Halifax, March 29, 2023

More conspicuous, and certainly lovely, are cultivated garden bulbs.  This one, a squill, lives on the Queset House lawn.  Kudos to the reader who can identify it to species!


Ames Free Library, March 22, 2023

What’s blooming in your neighborhood? Share your pics by emailing


Free, “Picturing Winter” bookmarks are now available at the library.  They feature some beautiful images from our winter photography contest.  Inquire at the main desk on your next visit. 



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the best! Lovely photographs.

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