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Summer Reading for Teens: Books, Prizes, and Programs!

Easton students, find your school-assigned summer reading at the Ames Free Library! Oliver Ames High School students can find their books on the cart in the Teen Den, Southeastern Regional students can find their books on the display shelves outside the Teen Den, and Easton Middle School students can find their books in the Children’s Room. If ebooks or audiobooks are your thing, check Libby or Hoopla, where you can use your library card to check out your books in one of those formats. As you read for school or fun, make sure to log your minutes for A Midsummer Knight’s Read, our summer reading incentive program! 

This summer, we’ve revamped our summer reading incentive program for teens and added more raffle prizes and ways to earn points! When you register on ReadSquared as a teen, you earn 1 point for every 1 minute you spend reading. Additionally, for every 1 book review you submit, you earn 100 points. These points can be used to purchase raffle tickets for World Wildlife Fund stuffed animals (an emperor tamarin, a duck-billed platypus, or a blue-footed booby), tarot cards, D&D dice, or drawing supplies. Each raffle ticket is 100 points, and the more tickets you buy, the higher your chances are of winning one of those prizes at the end of the summer! You can also keep an eye out for random prize drawings throughout the summer!

Most of the prizes in our raffle correspond to one of the programs for teens we have going on this summer. Every Tuesday at 4:00 pm in Queset House, you can join other teens to read tarot cards and other tools of divination, while enjoying a nice cup of tea! Every other Thursday at 5:30 pm, we’ll be watching a medieval-themed movie, and on the alternating Thursdays at 5:30 pm, teen artists will come together to share tips and tricks, complete challenges, and more at the Feudal Doodle Society. Regular teen programs like Teen Advisory Board and Dungeons & Dragons will continue through the summer as well!

Additionally, we'll be hosting Sandy Churchill's Paint with the Masters program on July 26th and August 7th. Be sure to register for these programs ahead of time!

 Whether it’s online on ReadSquared or in person, we hope to see you at the Ames Free Library this summer! Email with any questions or suggestions.

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