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TEENS: Tough Topics

Being a teenager is tough! Balancing all the things in your life can be stressful, but you are not alone. Many teens have the same questions, problems or concerns that you do. So if you feel like you don't have anyone you can talk to about these things, please have a look at our tailored list of downloadable ebooks on Tough Teen Topics. We have selected many resources for you to check out on a variety of topics, from bullying to skin care, dating to self-esteem, and many more.

Early Literacy Activities: WRITE

It can be hard to see how you might introduce your baby or toddler to writing. The fine motor skills required are well beyond their grasp (pun intended)! However, the underlying knowledge behind writing is about knowing shapes. Letters are made of mountains, bumps, and lines. So are shapes!

 Repeated exposure to new material will reinforce any concept. Some easy activities that will put your baby on the path to writing might include:

Family Fun: Write to an Author

Letter writing has become a bit of a revived craft over these past months as people are looking for creative ways to connect with loved ones near and far. It’s also a great practice for kids learning how to organize a letter, work on their handwriting, or just learn a life skill (stamp goes on the top right!). Consider writing to your favorite author or illustrator. Many are inundated by too many letters to respond, but others do try to send some sort of reply. Maybe you’ll get a surprise in the mail too!

Program Updates: Take Apart Table

My hairdryer broke recently. It’s not a big deal; I almost never use it. But now what do I do with it? Well… a few times a year, we run a “take apart table” at the library – a chance for kids to look under the hood, so to speak, of common electronics and devices. We’ve dismantled a computer, a stereo, keyboards, a cell phone, a laminator… and parents have almost as much fun as their kids!

Family Fun: Pop Up Cards

Mother’s Day is right around the corner (psst! It’s this Sunday, May 10!). If there is ever a time for a homemade card for someone who helps keep your household together, it is now! Or maybe you’re looking for a fun way to brighten someone’s day, or something different to mail to a loved one you haven’t been able to see for a while.

TEENS: Mental Health Self Care

Feeling anxious? Isolated? Sad? Everyone’s feeling a little out-of-sorts right now. People might have recommended that you try some yoga, take a walk, or just have a nice bath… all of which are great, but it’s not that easy for everyone. Here are some websites that have techniques for self-care and looking after your mental health while stuck in quarantine.


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