Ames Free Library

"Where the Community Connects"
The Queset House driveway is under construction. Visitors may park in the Main Library parking lot. Additional public parking is available just up the street, next to the Rockery, and behind the Children’s Museum.

Ames Free Library Board of Directors

Library Board of Directors Agendas & Minutes

Library Board of Directors 2015 - 2016


Donna Richman



Kevin Kidd

Vice President


James Fowler



Hazel L. Varella



Kelley Bressette

Assistant Secretary



William M. Ames

Building & Endowment Chair



Karen Hays

  Nancy Donahue        

Gerard S. Marsan



James Thomas

Architect (Ex-Officio)



Building and Endowment Directors 2015 - 2016


William M. Ames



Nancy Donahue

  James Fowler   John Varella      
  Karen Cacciapuoti