Ames Free Library

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Pre-K through 2nd Grade

Offers on-demand, personalized homework help for all levels in core subjects (math, reading, writing, science and social studies) including SAT preparation. Students communicate with live, online tutors using an interactive, virtual whiteboard to chat, write, draw, copy/paste text or images and graph homework problems. HelpNow also offers skills building and test preparation where after taking a quiz, the user can then connect directly to a live tutor to review the topics and questions covered in the quiz. All live tutoring sessions are saved and can be replayed as well as shared with friends and teachers.  Through the Writing Lab, users can submit papers for detailed feedback. The Send Question Center is available for non-writing assignments such as math or science.
The Britannica Learning Zone offers an engaging online tool for early—childhood learning, covering letters, words, numbers, time, sound, geography, and more.
Lightbox is a dynamic, interactive non-fiction resource for preK and elementary aged students. Books for younger students include read-aloud options, or you can skip the read-aloud and advance pages at your own pace. These books also include interactive maps, videos, and links to related websites embedded right into each book. You can also check your reading with reflection or comprehension questions, a quiz or worksheet activities throughout the book. If you like experiencing stories on Tumblebooks, you'll love learning facts with Lightbox!