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Foodie Group: Acorn Flour

Ames Free Library Foodie Group: Acorn Flour

Come join the Ames Free Library Foodie Group for their next meeting on Tuesday, October 2, which will feature making and baking with acorn flour!  Fabulous cookies and breads are the results.
Although not edible in raw form, acorns are nutritious! Processing the acorns by removing their naturally-occurring tannins makes them edible. Once the tannins are removed, acorns have a very mild nutty flavor, making them very easy to incorporate into your favorite recipes for added nutrition and health benefits.*

Daniela from the New England Acorn Cooperative will guide us in an acorn gathering “how to” walk, discussing New England oak ecology and other forest news. She will explain how to tell a “good” (for eating) acorn from a “bad” one, and describe the tools and techniques for gathering efficiently with a light footprint. Using equipment found in most households, she will also demonstrate processing and storage methods. There will be acorn foods and beverages to sample, and recipes to share.

There will be plenty of acorns to work with, but you are welcome to bring acorns you have gathered elsewhere. Please dress accordingly for the predicted weather.



Event Location: 
Queset House, 1st Floor Presentation Commons