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EEE Threat & Prevention

Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Monday, August 19, 2019
6 p.m.
Queset House, 51 Main Street, Easton

EEE is a rare but serious disease caused by a virus and spread through the bite of an infected mosquito. Given that Easton's risk level for EEE is high, information on the disease would help navigate the risk.
Join PRISCILLA MATTON, Superintendent of the Bristol County  Mosquito Control Project and KRISTIN KENNEDY, Director of Easton Health & Community Services for a timely talk on control and prevention measures. Information will be provided on the mosquito’s life cycle, habitat, West Nile, EEE and control measures. Guidance on how to prevent mosquito bites and breeding around your property will be discussed. Information on the aerial application to reduce EEE risk will also be covered.  
The Bristol County Mosquito Control Project monitors and reduces mosquito populations in the county through surveillance, water management, biological and chemical controls. 
Free and open to all.
Event Location: 
Queset House, 2nd Floor Conference Room