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VFS Webinar: Dealing with Grief and Loss

Guest Speaker: Dr.Sue Morris

Dr. Sue Morris is the Director of Bereavement Services at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

About this webinar: This webinar with explore the various components of grief and loss following the death of a loved one. It will help participants understand how grief affects individuals from a physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual perspective. It will outline practical strategies to deal with recent loss and discuss the risk factors and warning signs associated with a more difficult or complicated bereavement. This webinar will also help participants learn how to support individuals who are experiencing intense emotions following the recent death of a loved one.


  1. To describe the nature of grief from a psychological perspective
  2. To review the risk factors for a difficult or complicated bereavement
  3. To outline three practical strategies to help people early in their bereavement

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This webinar is presented by Volunteering for Seniors. VFS’s mission is to reduce loneliness and isolation among elders, help them stay more energetic, and make sure that they blend into their communities without difficulties. They achieve this through meaningful volunteering. Those who join this noble cause have a heart for their work. Their volunteers make a huge difference in the lives of members. VFS's aim is to serve elderly citizens in an all-inclusive manner, enabling them to live more active, dignified, and healthier lives.

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