Ames Free Library

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Celebrating 135 Years

Hello Easton,

During the Spring of 2018 we are continuing to celebrate the 135th Anniversary of the opening of the Ames Free Library.  The erudite and foresighted founders of our library would surely be amazed (but we hope pleased and proud) to see our 21stcentury library of today!

When you visit the library during May, please notice the Timeline of 35 Events highlighting some of the changes, achievements, and the people behind them, at the AFL during the past 135 years.  Also displayed, throughout the Main Library, Queset House and Queset Garden are 35 Items of significance from the history of the library.

Some of these events and items are of real historical importance.  Some are just nostalgic or anecdotal, but they combine to help illustrate the continuing story of the AFL, still growing and evolving in 2018.

Donna Richman,
President, Board of Directors
Ames Free Library