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January Featured Artist at the AFL

On the Wall: Jean Thompson

Jean Thompson is a local artist who has been studying monotype techniques for the last four years. Each print is the result of multiple runs through the press, creating layers of texture and transparent color. Her work has been in shows at the Attleboro Arts Museum and the Zullo Gallery.

In the Glass Case: Kevin Mulligan

Kevin Mulligan is a local award winning wood turner whose work has been on display at the Boston’s Arnold Arboretum museum in Jamaica Plain, the Fuller museum in Brockton, and numerous juried exhibitions in the New England area. He was recognized at prestigious Saratoga Springs, New York, “Totally Turning” symposium this past year. Kevin believes in the beauty of wood as well as providing a brief history of the tree used to make each piece. An avid environmentalist and outdoorsman, Kevin harvests most of his wood locally that would otherwise end up as firewood or left to decay. He will artistically turn this raw wood into a variety of designs including utilitarian bowls, spindle work, jewelry boxes and artistic pieces. Kevin is a member of the American
Association of Wood turners, and is an active member of the South Shore Woodturning and Gateway Woodturning groups. Kevin is a member of the Easton Shovel Town Cultural District Art Coop/Gallery where
his work is currently available for sale.

Artists’ works are brought to you by the Artist on Display Program sponsored by the Easton Shovel Town Cultural District.
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