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The Queset House driveway is under construction. Visitors may park in the Main Library parking lot. Additional public parking is available just up the street, next to the Rockery, and behind the Children’s Museum.

June's Featured Artist at the AFL

On the Wall: Eric Lothrop, continued through June 15

Eric is a Boston based photographer who grew up in Easton, Massachusetts. He migrated west to Los Angeles in 1990. Southern California certainly was a far cry from Main Street U.S.A. He returned to Easton a short time ago and has been causing a stir with his beautiful and unusual works of art. “A photographic journey of two cities began in 2012, from the east coast to the west coast, with a few stops in between to connect the dots. The skylines and landscapes depicted are in a headspace like the one where you think you’re moving but you’re’s what’s outside of you that’s moving. Eric captures the darkness of Saturday night and wakes early (or stays awake) to capture the light of Sunday morning. The same objects or places can look and feel so diverse in the twilight of night or the dawning of morning than they do at other times, and these are the moments he seems to seize with style and grace.”


On the Wall: The Heart of India: paintings by visiting artist Annu Naik, June 18 - 30

The Ames Free Library takes pleasure in inviting you to an evocative exhibition by famed Indian artist, Annu Naik.
Annu is a prolific artist of rustic Indian life. Her oil paintings invariably tell charming stories in quietly dramatic earth colors. With more than 50 shows spanning the continents, her works have been acquired by private and corporate collections and have been auctioned by both Sotheby’s and Christie’s. A 1964 graduate of Mumbai’s J.J. School of Arts, Anu has been the recipient of multiple awards and honors. 

In the Glass Case: Showcase of Student Work.

Items on display are examples of projects of Oliver Ames High School students in the Art, Family Consumer Science, and Industrial Arts departments worked on during the academic school year. 


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