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Social Media Policy

Definition of social media

For the purposes of this Policy, “social media” includes any online platform or application that is designed to facilitate social interaction, information and media sharing amongst its members. Social media includes, but is not limited to, platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube.

Purpose of using social media

The Ames Free Library mission is to “[provide] materials and services to help the residents of Easton obtain information to meet their personal, educational, professional, and recreational needs.” We recognize that Web 2.0 technologies and social media have made it possible to extend Library resources to members of our community, at many points of need, and wherever community members happen to be. The Ames Free Library is pleased to include social media interaction as one of the many ways that we provide useful, quality information for our community; while also fostering a positive social interchange and building relationships between the Library and our patrons.

Content of posts

Library social media postings will:

  • Inform the Easton/local/greater Library community about library materials, services, community connections, and events.

  • Encourage patron engagement.

  • Be respectful to all groups and individuals. As an institution committed to inclusion, all posts will stay away from political, religious and personal advocacy.

  • Only include identifiable images of patrons if we have their media release on file or are under crowd release forms.

  • Feature our own images or images from sites that have content released under Creative Commons (please read disclaimer on their main page), or Wikimedia Commons.

 Third-party posts

Public posts by third parties do not reflect the positions of the Library, its employees, or the Town of Easton. The Ames Free Library reserves the right to remove any posts from its social media accounts that contain violations of the Library’s Computer and Internet Use Policy:

  • Inappropriate commercial use or political lobbying

  • Transmission of threatening or harassing material

  • Posting explicitly sexual or otherwise inappropriate content

  • Copying or downloading copyrighted material

  • Knowingly transmitting computer viruses


Approved by the Board of Directors, May 2019