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Book Recommendations

Nature Bingo Booklist: Flora

This Summer, families can "Read Beyond the Beaten Path" and play Nature Bingo! We have five themed bingo cards waiting for you in the Children's Room: Flora, Fauna, Sky, Water, and Rainbow. You can check off at least one square on each card by reading a book from the list on the back of your bingo sheet. This is the "Flora" list, which includes fun titles about plants and flowers. Each book is linked to make it easy for you to put a hold on the titles that pique your interest.

Finding the Light

From the aesthetically pleasing, to the historical, to the mundane, to the downright ridiculous, many of us are obsessed with picture taking. Why do I have 10,000 photos of the same sunrise?  Do I really need to share what I had for breakfast with the whole world?

And is anyone’s life enriched by seeing a picture of me making a face like a duck?

Poems Before Phones: Alyisha Recommends Poetry

To celebrate National Poetry Month this April, the Ames Free Library is cordially inviting you to participate in #PoemsBeforePhones!

#PoemsBeforePhones is a daily practice that encourages you to begin your day with a poem rather than doom-scrolling through social media. If you’re interested in reading more poetry, or in starting your mornings with increased gentleness and intention, consider this blog post your tap from the Universe.


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