Ames Free Library

"Where the Community Connects"
The Queset House driveway is under construction. Visitors may park in the Main Library parking lot. Additional public parking is available just up the street, next to the Rockery, and behind the Children’s Museum.

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Ames Free Library 

53 Main Street

N. Easton, MA, 02356

Ph: 508-238-2000

Fax: 508-238-2980

  General Info/Reference   Circulation
  508-238-2000, Ext. 3   508-238-2000, Ext. 2 
  Administration   Children's Department
      508-238-2000, Ext. 4

Executive Director

Uma Hiremath

508-238-2000, Ext. 7


Assistant Director

Ian Dunbar

508-238-2000, Ext. 6




Dev. Manager/Queset Rental

Marion Wingfield

508-238-2000, Ext. 5



Circulation Supervisor

Joan Roan



Reference & Adult Services

Heather O'Leary



Youth Services Librarian

Miss Jessica Block

508-238-2000, Ext. 4


Reference, Information

& Technology Services Librarian

Kate Schreitmueller

508-238-2000, Ext. 8


Young Adult Specialist

Whitney Karen Brown