Purchase Request Form

Is there an item you would like us to own? Before suggesting a title for purchase, please check our local holdings in the library catalog and then our statewide holdings through the Commonwealth Catalog. If the item is not available on either site, let us know what you would like by filling out our Purchase Request form below!

Please be aware that:

  • We generally do not order items for our collection more than three months ahead of publication date
  • Priority is given to suggestions that are currently, or soon to be, published
  • While we do value your input and consider each suggestion carefully, we cannot buy every suggested title

What happens next? When you submit a purchase request, you will be notified by one of our librarians about the status of your request, and whether the purchase has been completed. Please note that this can sometimes take several days. If the item is purchased, you will then be placed on the hold list. (Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee priority placement on the hold list.)