Gifts & Donations Policy


The Ames Free Library is grateful for gifts from members of the community. Monetary donations and gifts help support the Library’s collection, services, programs, the historic H.H. Richardson building & Queset House, and Garden. All gifts are accepted at the discretion of the Library’s Executive Director or Board of Directors and will be utilized in support of the Library’s mission, priorities, and goals. The Executive Director and Board of Directors reserve the right to determine how such donations will be used.

The Ames Free Library is a tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The mission of the Ames Free Library is to provide materials and services to help the residents of Easton obtain information to meet their personal, educational, professional, and recreational needs. Emphasis is placed upon supporting students of all ages, particularly stimulating younger children’s interest and appreciation for reading and learning. The library serves as a learning and educational center for all residents of the community.


Books and Other Media

  • Books and other materials will be accepted by the Library as long as they align with the Library’s Collection Development Policy, are in good physical condition, and are deemed to be of educational or cultural relevance by the Library.

  • The donated items become property of the Library.

  • The Library reserves the right to decide how donated items will be used, and to set conditions of shelving and access to donated items.

  • The donated items will be treated as any other item in the Library’s collection, and will be removed from the collection if and when necessary, as laid out in the Collection Development Policy.

  • Books and other materials can also be donated to the Friends of the Ames Free Library, a non-profit organization that supports the Library. Items donated to the Friends will be sold at their book sale room in the rear of Queset House, or disposed of at their discretion.


Furniture and Equipment

  • Donations of furnishings and equipment require approval from the Executive Director or Board of Directors. Criteria for inclusion is based upon the condition of the items, needs of the Library, available space, impact on staff, cost and frequency of maintenance, and alignment with the existing aesthetic of the Library.

  • The Executive Director will provide a letter of acknowledgement to the donor of furnishings and equipment accepted by the Library, but will not appraise the value of donated items.

  • All accepted furnishings and equipment become the property of the Library, and will be used and/or located as determined by the Library.

  • The Library reserves the right to sell or dispose of items at any point, and without providing notification to the donor.


Monetary Donations

  • Monetary gifts will be incorporated into the Library’s general operating budget and will be used to purchase materials or equipment, support programs or services, or maintain Library property.

  • Endowments and trusts will be maintained by the Board of Directors, or parties designated by the Board of Directors, and will be used to support the operation of the Library by contributing to the Library’s capital budget.

  • Restricted gifts require approval from the Board of Directors before they will be accepted. To be accepted any restrictions must align with the Library’s mission, policies, and long range plan, and must not dictate the Library’s priorities.

  • A letter of acknowledgment will be provided by the Library, unless the donor requests anonymity.

  • Naming rights are granted by the Board of Directors. If approved, naming rights will not extend beyond the normal life of the collection or area, but may be modified by the Board of Directors.



  • The Library welcomes sponsorship of specific events, programs, and projects from individuals, local organizations, and businesses.

  • Potential sponsors must align with the mission and goals of the Library to be accepted as sponsors by the Executive Director.

  • A sponsor will receive public recognition of their support through the placement of their name and/or logo on promotional materials for the sponsored program or service, and a verbal announcement at the start or conclusion of a sponsored event. When appropriate, a notice of sponsorship may also be included on the Library’s website, within a Library newsletter, or shared with local media outlets.


Approved by the Board of Directors, January 2023