Ames Free Library

"Where the Community Connects"


Books, Audiobooks, Music CDs 21 days, *1 renewal      
DVDs 7 days, *1 renewal      
Video Games 21 Days, no renewals      
*1 renewal as long as no other patron is waiting
Books 10 cents/day (**5 cents Juvenile)      
Audiobooks and CDs 10 cents/day      
DVDs $1.00 / day      
Video Games $1.00 / day      
**5 cents/day if checked out on juvenile card, otherwise 10 cents/day
20 Adult 10 Juvenile      
7 maximum overdues for both adult and juvenile items. If you owe a total of $10.00 in fines, or have 7 or more overdue items, the system will not let you request or check out any additional items.



 Adults may apply for a library card with a valid I.D. showing their current address (driver's license preferred).

 Children may apply for a card if the child is able to legibly write or print his or her own name on the card. The staff person on duty reserves the right to  determine whether the child's handwriting is legible enough to be issued a card.

 A card must be present for checkout of all library materials including museum passes. (We can place holds without the card and we can also renew without the  card.) A driver's license may be used for I.D. in place of a library card only once. The card must be replaced if it cannot be located a second time. The fee for card  replacement is one dollar.



  • All patrons wishing to use a computer must login at a destop screen with their Ames Free Library card. Computers may be used for a maximum of three sessions of up to 60 minutes each session per day per person.
  • If you do not have an Ames Free Library card you may ask the reference librarian on duty for a guest pass. You are limited to 1 session of up to 60 minuets with a guest pass.
  • PLEASE SAVE YOUR WORK to a flash drive or cloud storage. If your computer times out, work is lost and not recoverable.
  • Drinks must have a cover to prevent spillage.
  • Do not shut down computers when you are finished.


  • Commercial use or political lobbying is inappropriate.
  • Transmitting threatening or harassing material is illegal.
  • Viewing websites with explicitly sexual or otherwise inappropriate content is not allowed.
  • Copying or downloading copyrighted material is illegal.
  • Knowingly transmitting computer viruses is illegal.
 Library staff reserves the right to end a patron's internet session, suspend computer use privileges and/or library privileges at their discretion for anyone who has been found to have violated the Library's computer use policy, used the Library's internet connection for illegal or inappropriate activities, or has accrued Library fines in excess of $15.00. 



 When the Library is Open

 Children under 6 are not allowed to be left unattended by an adult parent or caregiver in any part of the Library.

 During Story Time or other programs, adults who do not attend the program with the child must remain in the building and must be present with the child when  the program has concluded.

 Children ages 6-8 must have a parent or caregiver in the building with them at all times during the library visit.

 Children ages 9-12 are welcome to use the library unattended but should not be left alone for extended periods of time. No public place, including the library,  can guarantee the safety of children. Parents are responsible for their behavior. An anxious or disruptive child's adult caregiver will be located or the child's  home called by Library staff to come pick up the child.  It is the responsibility of the parent or caregiver to be accessible to pick up the child at any time.

 Children 13 and over are allowed to use the library unattended. If problems do arise, they may be asked to leave or parents may be contacted. It is the  responsibility of the parent or caregiver to be accessible to pick up the child at any time. THE CHILD MUST HAVE A WAY FOR THE STAFF TO CONTACT THE  PARENT OR CAREGIVER AT ALL TIMES WHEN THEY ARE LEFT UNATTENDED IN THE LIBRARY.

 No Child 16 years or younger may be unattended in the library one half hour before library closing.

 Unattended Youth During Emergency Closings

 The Ames Free Library may close in the event of emergency, inclement weather, power outages or other diruptive events. If Easton Schools close due to  inclement weather the Library will likely also close. No child may be sent to the library if schools close early due to emergencies.

 When the library closes because of inclement weather or an emergency and school is still in session, the schools will be notified and an announcement will be  made.

 30 minutes before closing the library on any normal day or in an emergency, an adult staff member will call the parent or caregiver to verify that the child will be  picked up before closing. If a parent or caregiver cannot be reached after trying for 15 minutes the police department will be asked if they can assist the staff in  helping to get the child home safely.



 Full Library Unattended Child Policy